Applications Overview


ForteBio's Octet® family of instruments provides label-free, real-time measurements in the analysis of protein:protein, protein:peptide, and protein:small molecule interactions. With unparalleled ease of use, the Octet family of instruments moves your workflow beyond the limitations of existing label-free methods. You get comprehensive characterization across a broad range of applications that are critical for efficient development and production.

Wide fit within discovery and development process

In order to meet your high throughput demands for drug discovery, the Octet platform has eliminated the need for microfluidics and designed a simple Dip and Read method that allows simultaneous monitoring of large numbers of interactions in an automated manner. With the Octet systems, you can survey a number of different interactions rapidly, obtain accurate kinetic and affinity information and determine concentrations of your protein of interest in complex sample matrices. With the addition of the 384 series instruments, the Octet platform addresses a broad range of applications in various stages of the drug discovery and development process.

Kinetic characterization data

Kinetic Characterization
The kinetic analysis of antibodies is critical to both the screening and selection of clones for development and thorough characterization throughout therapeutic development and production. With a dip and read label-free technique, ForteBio's BLI-based systems are easy to learn. They also enable expanded kinetics analyses in a workflow that provides higher throughput without the limitations of flow-cell based systems.

Dip and Read ELISA

Dip and Read ELISA
ELISA's variable results, susceptibility to human error, labor intensive workflow, and slow time-to-result hinder its users. The Octet platform, with its industry-leading label-free Dip and Read format and ease-of-use, offers an excellent replacement for assays currently performed using ELISA. The Octet systems' excellent precision reduces the number of replicates per sample, and high-sensitivity instruments such as the Octet RED96, Octet RED384 or Octet HTX offer a dynamic range of >5 logs, essentially eliminating the need to dilute samples.

Protein quantitation data

Protein Quantitation in Bioprocessing
Accurately determining the concentration of antibodies and other proteins is critical to the selection of cell lines for development and the optimization of antibody production. Rapid turnaround time of results improves process efficiencies and productivity that cannot be achieved with existing methods such as HPLC and ELISA.

Small molecule data

Small Molecule and Small Peptides
The Octet RED384 and Octet RED96 systems offer high sensitivity and rapid data acquisition capabilities that enable the analysis of low molecular weight molecules with fast interaction rates — in a flexible platform that is easy to learn and more affordable in comparison to existing systems with similar capabilities.

Assay development data

Assay Development
Performing efficient assay optimization before proceeding to large-scale implementation saves time, materials, and money. Parallel analysis across eight to sixteen channels without microfluidics allows a multitude of conditions to be assayed in parallel with minimal sample purification and preparation.

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