Commit to Covalency


To better characterize new lead compounds and understand their structure-activity relationship (SAR), the Pioneer FE system platform is a must-have for every covalent drug discovery toolkit.

Determine the potency of an irreversible inhibitor with a new "Commitment to Covalency" parameter. Commitment to Covalency is a useful parameter which can drive a lead optimization campaign to make the most potent and efficient covalent drug.

Overcome the limitations of first-generation SPR instruments to generate reproducible, cost-effective data. Reversible Streptavidin capture chemistry provides stable baselines, high density capture for small molecules. Robust fluidics allow for regeneration of surface chemistries with harsh reagents to ensure reproducible capture yields for multiple test cycles.

Capture target repeatedly and with excellent activity without specialized capture reagents. Novel capture-regeneration approach enables high capacity/activity with standard Streptavidin constructs.

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