Custom Assay Development and Biosensor Coating Services


Convert Any Assay Into an Octet® Dip and Read Biosensor Assay

ForteBio's Custom Services Process

Assay development takes time. Let us develop your next assay, freeing you to focus on discovering more today using your Octet system.

ForteBio offers a range of high-quality, contract services to help our customers develop assays for its Octet platform of instruments. ForteBio's services allow Octet users to cost effectively accelerate their research efforts and maximize the utility of their Octet system. These services have been designed to support the unique needs of clinical biotherapeutics development and enable ForteBio customers to obtain finished, quality-controlled biosensors and assay kits that are developed with the customers' capture reagents and analytes.

Custom services offered:

  • Production and delivery of ready to use custom biosensors and assay kits
  • Complete assay development for the Octet platform
  • Biosensor coating process development
  • Biosensor quality control method development and verification
  • Conjugation chemistry optimization
  • Antibody purification

ForteBio's Octet family of instruments


  • Antibody quantification and characterization
  • Host cell protein detection and quantification (download [Unknown document (id=149)])
  • Proteins, peptides and other macromolecules defined by the customer for quantitative or kinetic analyses
  • Examples of targets for custom biosensors include
    • Erythropoietin (EPO)
    • Human growth hormone (Somatropin, HGH)
    • Insulin
    • Rat antibodies
    • Factors VII, VIII, IX and X
    • Biogenerics, biosimilars, bio-betters

Custom biosensors and assays are tailored to each customer's requirements and involve the customer throughout the development process to ensure the customized product meets their specifications prior to final production.

All custom products are developed by ForteBio's world-class biosensor assay development team to deliver the best product possible for the Octet platform of instruments.

Intended Use

All custom biosensor and assay kits are intended for the detection of customer defined analytes and are intended for research and manufacturing use only. They are not intended for diagnostic use in humans or animals.

Benefits of Dip and Read biosensor assays

ForteBio's Octet family of instruments

  • Accurate label-free quantitation and kinetics assays
  • Disposable and reusable biosensors
  • Direct detection of analytes in solution (including crude matrix types)
  • Minimal sample prep
  • Nondestructive assay format allows reuse of samples
  • Fast time to result

ForteBio's Octet family of instruments

To Learn More

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