Discovering the Next Big Thing


From screening biologics candidates to uncovering new insights into biophysics, cellular signaling, and immunology, the new Octet RED96e system is your partner in finding the next big thing faster. Using Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) to measure binding interactions of small molecules, proteins, antibodies, and even cells, determine specificity, characterize affinity, and more.

  • Eight is better. Our 8-channel Octet RED96e is simply faster. Without microfluidics slowing things down, you can breeze through quantitative and kinetics assays.
  • More unattended operation. With enhanced evaporation control, get up to 12 hours of unattended run time with minimal loss of sample volume.
  • Expand your understanding. Determine binding rates at multiple temperatures from 15-40 °C and extrapolate thermodynamic measurements. Use sample plate cooling to keep temperature-sensitive proteins cool.
  • Get there faster. Data driven decisions are easier than ever with custom reporting features and multi-experiment analysis in the new Octet Data Analysis HT software.

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