Get Fragment-Based Kinetics Data in Your Primary Screen

Pioneer FE System

Pioneer FE System

The new Pioneer FE system from Pall ForteBio does what no other SPR-based system can do. It gives you kinetic constants during your primary screen so you don’t have to do follow up affinity screening and characterization. This 3-channel, automated system also lets you characterize biomolecular binding kinetics and measure affinity on molecules smaller than 150 Daltons, get analyte diffusion coefficients and find out if your analyte is heterogeneous or aggregated.

Accelerate Your Fragment Screening — Increase your sample throughput and data content while cutting sample preparation time, even if you’re working with large numbers of samples, low molecular weight analytes, weak affinity interactions or solubility limitations. You’ll get reliable affinity (KD) and kinetic data directly from primary screens for up to 768 samples in 24 hours, and do it hands-free.

Skip the Dilution Series — The Pioneer FE system with OneStep® Injection technology generates high-resolution dose response curves in a single, continuous injection. It has a full analyte titration over three orders of magnitude done in just a few minutes, so there’s no need to prep a full dilution series.

More Sensitivity for Protein-Small Molecule Interactions — High sensitivity plus novel surface chemistries let you capture kinetics measurements on molecules as small as 70 Da.

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