Aminopropylsilane (APS) Biosensors

For Hydrophobic Immobilization of Proteins

  • Hydrophobic or electrostatic immobilization of proteins for kinetic characterization
  • Biosensor flexibility allows use in any type of assay
  • Designed for maximum compatibility with your proteins
  • No need to tag or covalently modify proteins for interaction analysis

Aminopropylsilane (APS) Biosensors

ForteBio's Aminopropylsilane (APS) biosensors provide a convenient method for hydrophobic based immobilization of most protein analytes for assaying the kinetic profile of protein:protein interactions. The ability to rapidly customize biosensors without chemical cross-linking reactions, such as EDC/NHS, enables rapid assay development with minimal sample handling on the Octet®platform.

Resources of Aminopropylsilane (APS) Biosensors

Application Note Biomolecular Binding Kinetics Assays on the Octet Platform

Direct measurement of biomolecular interactions plays an important role in biotherapeutic drug discovery and development. Label-Free analytical technologies such as the Octet® platform from Pall ForteBio provide a powerful means to obtain accurate information about rate of biomolecular complex formation and complex stability, key components of a drug-target interaction.

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Flyer BLI Biosensors Selection Guide

Read this document which is helpful in the selection of Biosensor with their detail information.

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Product Part Number
Biosensor / Aminopropylsilane (APS) Case #18-5047
Biosensor / Aminopropylsilane (APS) Pack #18-5046
Biosensor / Aminopropylsilane (APS) Tray #18-5045

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