Anti-HIS (HIS2) Biosensors

For Label-Free Quantitation of HIS-tagged Proteins

  • Rapid detection of HIS-tagged proteins
  • High-specificity capture of HIS-tagged proteins for easy quantitation
  • Allows rapid analysis of crude or purified samples

Anti-HIS (HIS2) Biosensors

Pre-immobilized with the next generation high-affinity, high-specificity Anti-HIS antibody from Maine Biotechnology Services (MBS), the Anti-HIS (HIS2) Biosensor directly captures and detects HIS-tagged proteins for quick and easy quantitative measurement.

Resources of Anti-HIS (HIS2) Biosensors

Application Note Biomolecular Binding Kinetics Assays on the Octet Platform

Direct measurement of biomolecular interactions plays an important role in biotherapeutic drug discovery and development. Label-Free analytical technologies such as the Octet® platform from Pall ForteBio provide a powerful means to obtain accurate information about rate of biomolecular complex formation and complex stability, key components of a drug-target interaction.

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Application Note Fast Quantitation of Proteins and Antibodies Using the BLItz System

Traditional techniques for determining concentration of a target protein such as ELISA and HPLC are both elaborate and timeconsuming, especially when analyzing complex matrices. For bioprocess development and production applications, the use of more rapid protein analysis techniques enables timely, informed process decisions.

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Data Sheet Anti-HIS (HIS2) Biosensors

The polyhistidine tag, commonly known as HIS-tag, is fused to recombinant proteins as a means of facilitating detection and purification. The Dip and Read™ Anti-HIS (HIS2) Biosensor consists of high affinity, high specificity Anti-HIS antibody from Maine Biotechnology Services (MBS) pre-immobilized on a ForteBio fiber optic biosensor.

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Flyer BLI Biosensors Selection Guide

Read this document which is helpful in the selection of Biosensor with their detail information.

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Technical Guide Anti-HIS (HIS2) Biosensor Quantitation Assays

The polyhistidine-tag (HIS-tag) is a common peptide tag fused to recombinant proteins during cloning. Many tools have been developed that enable this tag to be used for detection and purification of tagged proteins. The Anti-HIS (HIS2) Biosensor provides a rapid, label-free method for quantitation of HIStagged proteins on Octet® and BLItz® systems. This biosensor comes pre-immobilized with the next-generation high-affinity, high-specificity anti-HIS antibody from MBS (Maine Biotechnology Services), and is ready to use for detection and quantitation of HIS-tagged proteins.

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Product Part Number
Biosensor / Anti-HIS (HIS2) Case #18-5116
Biosensor / Anti-HIS (HIS2) Pack #18-5115
Biosensor / Anti-HIS (HIS2) Tray #18-5114

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