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Anti-Human Fab-CH1 2nd Generation (FAB2G) Biosensors

For Label-Free Detection, Quantitation, and Kinetic Analysis of Human Fab and IgG

  • Perform kinetic screening, off-rate ranking, and epitope binning of Fabs in crude or partially purified samples
  • Easy capture of human Fab or IgG for kinetic analysis of binding to target antigen or Fc receptors (Kon, Koff, KD)
  • Rapid quantitation of all subclasses of human Fab, F(ab′)2 and IgG
  • No recognition towards human kappa or lambda light chains
  • Improved Fab capture affinity, baseline stability, and regeneration over original FAB biosensors

Anti-Human Fab-CH1 2nd Generation (FAB2G) Biosensors

Anti-Human Fab-CH1 2nd Generation (FAB2G) biosensors come pre-immobilized with a high-affinity ligand that is specific for the CH1 region of Human IgG. In conjunction with the Octet® and BLItz® Systems, FAB2G biosensors provide a rapid and label-free solution for analysis of Fab fragments or full-length human IgG for lead identification and optimization, epitope binning, cell line screening, process development, and QC applications. The anti-human CH1 ligand has no recognition towards free light chains or cross-reactivity with murine or bovine IgG. This high level of specificity enables direct analysis of IgG or Fab analytes directly from complex samples such as cell culture supernatants, lysates, or partially purified samples, offering a time-saving alternative to traditional analytical methods.

Resources of Anti-Human Fab-CH1 2nd Generation (FAB2G) Biosensors

Application Note Analysis of Fc-gamma Receptor-IgG Interactions on the Octet Platform

Fc gamma receptors (FcγRs) are membrane glycoproteins with affinity for the Fc region of immunoglobulin G (IgG). FcγRs expressed on the surface of immune effector cells play a key role in initiating Fc effector functions such as antibody-mediated cell-dependent cytotoxicity (ADCC)1, which is a major mechanism of action of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies

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Application Note Analysis of FcRn-Antibody Interactions on the Octet Platform

The Fc region of human IgG contributes to a number of beneficial biological and pharmacological characteristics of therapeutic antibodies.

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Data Sheet Anti-Human Fab-CH1 2nd Generation Biosensors

Human antibodies are the most vital research candidates in drug discovery and development of bio-therapeutics. The detection and characterization of human IgG is of paramount importance for research scientists.

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Flyer BLI Biosensors Selection Guide

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