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Anti-Human IgG Quantitation (AHQ) Biosensors

For Determination of Antibody Concentration

  • Direct measurement of immunoglobulins (IgG) in complex matrices
  • Obtain ELISA data in minutes
  • Correlates to HPLC

Dip and Read™ Anti-Human IgG Quantitation (AHQ) Biosensors

ForteBio's Fc-specific Anti-Human IgG biosensors provide a rapid method for precise quantitation of human immunoglobulins from crude lysates and cell culture supernatants. Factory immobilization of an anti-human IgG antibody to the biosensor surface enables direct detection of human IgG analytes with minimal sample handling and facilitates sample quantitation from cell culture screening through downstream purification development.

Resources of Anti-Human IgG Quantitation (AHQ) Biosensors

Application Note MAb Quantitation: Protein A HPLC vs. Protein A Bio-layer Interferometry

There are currently 30 monoclonal antibodies approved by the FDA as biotherapeutic agents, representing the most rapidly growing class of new drugs. Despite advances in downstream processing technology, affinity purification of monoclonal antibodies using Protein A chromatography is still the industry standard. In order to use Protein A resin as productively as possible it is important to load the resin at close to its dynamic binding capacity (DBC)

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Application Note Fast Quantitation of Proteins and Antibodies Using the BLItz System

Traditional techniques for determining concentration of a target protein such as ELISA and HPLC are both elaborate and timeconsuming, especially when analyzing complex matrices. For bioprocess development and production applications, the use of more rapid protein analysis techniques enables timely, informed process decisions.

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Data Sheet Anti-human IgG (AHQ) Biosensors (Fc-specific)

ForteBio’s Dip and Read™ Anti-Human IgG (AHQ) biosensors, in conjunction with the Octet® platform, are designed for monitoring antibody concentrations from crude lysates and cell culture supernatants. Using Anti-Human IgG biosensors, the Octet platform supports applications from cell culture screening to purification monitoring during the process development and production of therapeutics.

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Flyer BLI Biosensors Selection Guide

Read this document which is helpful in the selection of Biosensor with their detail information.

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Scientific Poster High throughput Bio-Layer Interferometry in Therapeutic Antibody Discovery and Development

Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) plays an important role in the antibody discovery and development processes at Genmab. Integrating the quantification, kinetic and affinity output of our ForteBio Octet BLI platform with the data analysis capabilities of ActivityBase XE enables us to perform “high value” screening within early antibody discovery.

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