Sidekick™ Offline Biosensor Immobilization Station

The Sidekick station enables simultaneous and uniform reagent loading onto all 96 biosensors in a biosensor tray. Target analyte and other reagents that do not require online signal monitoring can be loaded onto biosensors on the Sidekick, freeing the Octet® instrument for other users. This accessory to ForteBio's Octet family of instruments can be installed beside an Octet system and used in collaboration with it, or can be used independently

  • Offline loading of reagents on biosensors
  • Simultaneous loading on up to 96 biosensors
  • Automation compatibility
  • Small and portable
  • Ideal for creating large batches of custom biosensors
  • Decreases incubation times; increases assay precision and sensitivity

Sidekick™ Offline Biosensor Immobilization Station

When preparing custom biosensors, shaking the biosensors with the samples on the Sidekick station halves the required incubation time, thereby doubling the biosensor preparation productivity. Figure 1 shows the rate of binding of biotinylated protein to Streptavidin biosensors increases with shaking. Further efficiency can be obtained by using the Sidekick station in conjunction with a liquid-handling robotic workstation to automate the custom biosensor preparation. The Sidekick station enables robust, multi-step Octet sandwich assays by decreasing incubation times during sample capture and simultaneously increasing assay precision due to its unique shaking routine.

Resources of Sidekick™ Offline Biosensor Immobilization Station

Data Sheet Sidekick Offline Biosensor Immobilization Station

The Sidekick™ station is an accessory to ForteBio’s Octet® family of label-free biomolecular interaction analysis instruments.

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Data Sheet Ready BLI Detection Kit – Residual Protein A

Detecting and minimizing Protein A contamination is a critical quality control step in antibody therapeutic development and production. The Ready BLI Detection kit - Residual Protein A from Pall ForteBio applies the principles of BLI to enable sensitive, accurate quantitation of leached Protein A in bioprocess samples while maintaining a simple workflow. The kit utilizes a validated sample treatment method for dissociating Protein A from antibodies that does not require boiling, neutralization, or centrifugation steps.

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Product Insert Sidekick™

The Sidekick package consists of the following components.  Please ensure upon opening the package that all items are present. 

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Technical Guide Sidekick™ Offline Biosensor Immobilization Station

The Sidekick Station is an accessory to Pall ForteBio's Octet family of real-time, label-free biomolecular interaction analysis platforms. It is a specialized instrument that enables uniform loading of reagents across all 96 biosensors in a biosensor tray. Loading of analyte and other reagents on biosensors that do not require online monitoring of signal can be accomplished offline on the Sidekick Station, freeing up the Octet system for other users.

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Product Part Number
Sidekick System #SIDEKICK

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