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Super Streptavidin (SSA) Biosensors

For Analysis of Small Molecule-Protein Interactions and Fragment Screening

  • Enables immobilization of any protein in high density via streptavidin
  • Designed for use in small-molecule and fragment screening and kinetic characterization

Super Streptavidin (SSA) Biosensors

ForteBio's Super Streptavidin biosensors offer the highest sensitivity for the demands of small molecule kinetic experiments. Through exploitation of the high affinity streptavidin-biotin interaction, biological molecules, including proteins and nucleic acids, can be immobilized on the biosensor surface and subsequently used to measure kinetic interactions in a custom format. The biosensor can be regenerated and reused, providing a cost –effective solution for library screening.

Resources of Super Streptavidin (SSA) Biosensors

Data Sheet Super Streptavidin (SSA) Biosensors

Small molecule kinetics can be rapidly measured in high throughput on the Octet® RED and RED384 instruments. In a typical experiment, a biotinylated protein target is immobilized onto a high-capacity Super Streptavidin (SSA) Biosensor surface, and this surface is exposed to a solution of the small molecule in a microplate well.

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Flyer BLI Biosensors Selection Guide

Read this document which is helpful in the selection of Biosensor with their detail information.

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Technical Guide Biotinylation of Protein for Immobilization onto Streptavidin Biosensors

The interaction between streptavidin and biotin is widely used as a system for the rapid, stable and irreversible non-covalent binding of biological molecules. The Octet® platform’s Streptavidin biosensors have been developed for the immobilization of biotinylated ligands for both quantitation and kinetic applications. The first protein immobilized onto the Streptavidin biosensors must be biotinylated prior to assaying on the Octet system.

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