Residual Protein A Impurity Detection


No washes. No spins. No sweat.

ForteBio’s new Ready BLI Detection Kit - Residual Protein A for Octet® systems gives you a fast and simple way to test for the presence and concentration of Protein A or MabSelectSure in bioprocess samples like column fractions during affinity purification.

  • No need for the manual sample prep steps like heating, centrifuging, and washing you’d typically do with ELISA
  • Just prep your sample plate and load it in an Octet system—it does everything for you
  • Get your results in 2 hours when you use the kit with the Octet HTX system

Testing for HCP? We’ve got a Host Cell Protein Detection Kit too! Combine it with the Residual Protein A Kit and an Octet system and you’ve got a complete, walkaway solution for all your impurity testing. You can also automate Octet systems and both kit workflows with 3rd-party liquid handling and robotic solutions to max your lab throughput.

If you’d like a free demo of the Ready BLI Detection Kit - Residual Protein A for Octet® systems, just fill out the form below. Limit of one kit per demo at no charge.