A Phospha-oseltamivir-biotin Conjugate as a Strong and Selective Adhesive for the Influenza Virus

Streicher H, et al., doi: 10.1016/j.bmcl.2014.02.021, Bioorg Med Chem Lett, 2014

A new compound was identified that is a derivative of a surface neuraminidase that can directly and effectively immobilize the influenza virus with an apparent equilibrium dissociation constant in the low picomolar range. Immobilization of the virus is a key step in diagnosis and influenza vaccine production and has been hindered by the current processes using antibody and sialic acid binding tests. Binding of neuraminidase and virus to the compound were performed on the Octet RED using Streptavidin biosensors. The detected high affinity and slow off-rate of the new compound suggest it is highly suitable for virus particle immobilization studies.

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