Exposure of Epitope Residues on the Outer Face of the Chikungunya Virus Envelope Trimer Determines Antibody Neutralizing Efficacy

Fong R, et al., 88(24):14364-79, J Virol, 2014

The investigation was able to produce seven human monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) against envelope glycoproteins E2 and E1 found in chikungunya virus (CHIKV), by using the phage display technology. CHICKV is a mosquito-borne pathogen and the most important alphavirus-affecting the humans. It results in a chronic arthritic condition that can persist for months or even years. The study went on to locate the binding region of one of the antibodies (IM-CKV063), that showed most neutralizing features, highest affinity binding. IM-CKV063 antibody is also capable of providing therapeutic and prophylactic protection in multiple animal models. As part of the characterization, the authors used an Octet RED system to assess the kinetics of MAb binding to E2/E1 displayed in its native state on the CHIKV virion surface. The noninfectious CHIKV VLP, immobilized onto amine reactive (AR2G) biosensors using a human MAb against CHIKV was the ligand in these assays. In addition to the dissociation constants, the specific binding of IM-CKV063 (analyte) onto CHIKV VLP was also confirmed during this investigation.

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