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Lectin bio-layer interferometry for assessing product quality of Fc- glycosylated immunoglobulin G

IgG Fucosylation and Galactosylation detection using Lectins Process induced differences in glycan content studied In another study, a BLI method was developed for the relative ranking of…

Inhibition of hepatitis C virus by the cyanobacterial protein Microcystis viridis lectin: mechanistic differences between the high-mannose specific lectins MVL, CV-N, and GNA

Affinity characterization of Mannose specific Lectins Affinity of lectins to glycan determined Mannose-specific lectins such as cyanovirin-N (CVN), microvin (MVN) and microcystis viridis lectin…

High-throughput sialylation measurement using lectins on an Octet platform for clone screening

Sialylation detection and quantitation Crude samples analyzed for titer and sialylation in 60 minutes Good correlation with HPLC demonstrated The detection and determination of sialic acid…

Automating Octet Assays : ligand screening at Avitide

Drug development and production is challenging. Avitide, based in Lebanon, New Hampshire, provides on-demand development and supply of high-performance affinity purification resins for the…

Quality control of biotherapeutics using Octet systems

Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) has been rapidly adopted as an important analytical tool in laboratories that work with biological molecules, either as drug products, vaccines, or diagnostic reagents.

High Precision Streptavidin 2.0 (SAX2) Biosensors

Streptavidin-coated surfaces are widely used as a simple and straightforward method of molecular immobilization.

Cell line development: accelerating antibody discovery by monitoring titer and glycosylation with the Octet platform

Cell line development typically includes the screening of thousands of clones in an effort to find the few that are stable, grow as expected, and produce high yields of the bioproduct. The time it…

Cross-competition or Epitope Binning Assays on the Octet HTX System

In early drug development, cross-competition assays are used to characterize hundreds of antibody clones and can be performed with hybridoma supernatants, phage lysates or purified samples. Because…

Sialic Acid (GlyS) Kit

The Sialic Acid (GlyS) Kit is intended for relative screening of terminal sialic acid in crude or purified samples. It has been developed as a simpler and faster complement to HPLC/MS/LCMS methods…

Residual Protein A Detection Kit

The Residual Protein A Detection Kit is intended for the detection and quantitation of recombinant Protein A or other Protein A constructs such as MabSelect SuRe TM . It has been developed as a…

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